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Accepting New Patients of All Ages

What is the Right Age for My Child’s First Dentist Visit?

Meeting new milestones is a familiar scenario for any parent. From baby’s first smile to the first day of school, time doesn’t slow down and there is always something to look forward to in the life of a child. One of the many milestones a child has to look forward to is their first dental visit, an important part of their overall health.

Age for First Visit

There is a lot of confusing information available online and from other parents about the recommended age for a child’s first dental visit. You may find suggestions ranging from before their first birthday to when they are able to sit through an exam on their own. Generally, we recommend that parents schedule an appointment for their child by age 2.

A Child’s First Tooth

Our office offers a complimentary exam for children of adult patients when they accompany their parent to a cleaning. This exam would be offered beginning with the eruption of the child’s first tooth. As children grow more comfortable with dental exams, we encourage them to sit in the dental chair, alone or on a parent’s lap, and give them a ride in the chair to ease any fears they may have about it.

If they are receptive, we will also turn on the overhead light and take a look in their mouth with a dental mirror. We’ve found that when we incrementally introduce all of the tools used during a dental exam, children grow so familiar with the procedure that they can’t wait for their next cleaning!

Good Oral Health Starts Now

We love seeing our pediatric patients in the office. If your child is nearing age 2 or hasn’t had a cleaning in the last 6 months, please give us a call so that we can set them on the right track for a lifetime of good oral health!